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Gulf Shores 2009


In Gulf Shores, Alabama a group of volunteers called "Share the Beach" is dedicated to helping Loggerhead Turtles.  The group is led by Mike Reynolds and is divided into teams, each of which is assigned a portion of the Alabama coastline.   These videos are from the Laguna Key Team, led by Sherry Parks.

This video is of a very rare daytime hatching.   It occurred late on the afternoon of August 12, 2009.   

The above nest contained 111 eggs.  It was initially found during morning walks in Gulf Shores by Tom Dodd, a volunteer from, "Share the Beach."  The video includes a spectacular "boil" which is when the baby turtles are crawling to the surface from the clutch underneath where the eggs have been incubating for two months.


When baby Loggerhead turtles can't climb out of the nest on their own, they can sometimes be saved through excavation. Here, a group of volunteers from "Save the Beach" in Gulf Shores Alabama perform an excavation

This is tough work that is at once, both rewarding and sad.  During most excavations some baby turtles are saved and many are found dead or not fully developed in their shell.



On August 29, 2009 Nest B5 in Laguna Key, Gulf Shores, Alabama, hatched.  With the help of volunteers from "Share the Beach," 100 baby sea turtles made it to the water from this nest.  The volunteers had initially located the nest after observing tracks from the mother's "crawl" on July 6, 2009.